Monday, February 21, 2011

Partying our way through the alphabet...

My friend Wendy over at http://www.celebrationsofhouston.blogspot/ has started a new feature. I have posted with her permission below.

As told by Wendy
Here We Go! Today's Letter is "A" Color, Theme and Tip of the Day
Good Morning! Today's letter is: "A" Color of the day is: Amethyst. Such a pretty color to work with.

Tip of the day is: ALWAYS follow up. Following up can be the difference between landing that new customer and losing it. Follow up is also very important to make sure all the details are in order. Check your email, texts, and voice mail throughout the day. Try to respond within two hours. Also after every order you ship or event that you do --send a thank you card or email. Also a follow up phone call is good way to make sure the client was satisifed or to discuss any concerns.

Theme of the Day: Alice in WonderlandSuch a fun theme. Great for kids birthday parties because you creativity can run wild.

Image from now it is up to you. Please respond with any items or parties that you have done that reflect the color: Amethyst or Theme: Alice in WonderlandWe can't wait to see what you send in.

Tomorrow: The Letter "B" -- oh the possibilities!

The possibilities are endless for the color amethyst as well as the theme. Can't wait to see what else she has in store for us.

Thanks Wendy for allowing me to share this. Stop by and check her out


  1. Thanks for the post and the freindship on a daily basis. Wendy from

  2. I love your page- I'm going to try to wear something the same as the color of the day everyday. Even if it is just pj's